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How do planes do high-G manuevers?


Airplanes often do not have problems doing High-G maneuvers because an airplane is not as greatly affected by changes in acceleration as humans are. Planes that often pull High-G's are designed that way. Humans, however, are not designed that way. The acceleration due to gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/sec squared. This is what scientists consider "1G". Other planets have a different "G" which is why you would weigh differently on them. Often, getting as high as 6G or 7G is considered "High-G". 6G is six times the normal amount of acceleration humans deal with on a daily basis. The reason "High-G" is so dangerous is because after too much pressure is exerted on the body, blood cannot be transported to the brain. If the brain does not have blood then the body will pass out! This is called G-LOC. To help astronauts deal with this issue they wear protective suits! Click here to read what "G" you would feel on different planets and objects in space!

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