Distance Challenge: Learn More

Going the Distance

Take part of our Distance Challenge! How far can you and your friends and family "fly" a plane? Use email or (if over 13) Facebook or Twitter to create a virtual flightpath for your plane. Get Started.

Distance Challenge Step by Step

Here's how it works:

  • Begin by choosing one of our premade virtual paper airplane models (or design one of your own!). 
  • Enter your initials and starting location as "pilot" of your airplane. This will initiate your flight and takeoff from your starting location.
  • Then, share your flight with others so they can "fly" your plane to other locations all over the world. You can share your flight with as many friends as you like via email or (if over 13 years of age) via Facebook or Twitter.
  • You will receive a URL link with your flight information, to share. Track your flight using your initials or flight number to see how far it has gone and where it ranks against other airplanes in the challenge. Check "Flights in Progress" on our Distance Challenge Page.
  • Your flight will be active for 30 days. See how far it goes!
  • Even after your flight has ended, you can check your distance under "Completed Flights" on our Distance Challenge Page.
  • Please note: We have to keep aircraft moving. If your plane doesn't accumulate any miles in 30 days, we will have to ground it (i.e. delete your flight). So get your friends to pilot your plane and help keep your flight going.