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How does a pilot consider the weather in preparation for flight?


Aircraft fly thru the air, or more precisely through the troposphere. “Tropo” is the Latin word for weather so when you are flying you are flying in the current weather conditions in your area. Pilots are required by Federal Aviation Regulation, specifically FAR 91.103, to become familiar with certain elements of preflight planning. There’s even an acronym – NWKRAFT – meant to help pilots remember the required items they must become familiar with before flying. The required preflight knowledge and the meaning of the letters in NWKRAFT include:

NOTAM – Notice to Airmen


Known ATC Delays

Runway lengths


Fuel Requirements

Takeoff/Landing Distances

The National Weather Service provides on-line web-based services for pilots wanting to know the weather conditions in their area and the weather at their destinations. Pilots can visit the National weather service Aviation Weather Center at for all their pre-flight weather needs.

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