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What is the difference between turbojet,turboprop, and turbofan engines?


In very brief, a turbojet is a jet engine, a turboprop is a jet engine with a propeller atached to the front, and a turbofan is a jet engine with a fan attached to the front. 


The turbojet is the simplest of the engines. When we talk about jet engine, we're usually refering to a turbojet.  


A turboprop engine is a turbojet with a propeller. The engine uses the propellers to produce more thrust. These are usually used on large cargo planes; propellers cannot go supersonic.  


Finally, a turbofan engine is the engine with the huge fan on the front. The fan acts like a like a propeller and a compression fan, and produces much more thrust with less energy. They're incredibly efficient, which is why you see them on commercial planes, and they can go faster than turboprop engines.

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