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What is the wing thickness of Airbus A320 aircraft


Wing thickness is a design characteristic of all wings or airfoils. Looking at a wing sideways, it is simply the measure of a wing from its upper surface to its lower surface. Using Janes All the World Aircraft as the source, both the A310 aircraft and A320 Aircraft have “advanced technology wings”.  For both airplanes, this means their own airfoil design use a modern “supercritical airfoil” shape. (Usually very proprietary to Aircraft companies.)


Wing thickness is often described as a ratio of the chord length. For the A310 aircraft, the airfoil has a thickness-to-chord ratio of 15.2 % at the root, tapering to 10.8% at the tip.  Both the A310 and A320 have “significant commonality”. The reasonable conclusion is the A320 has the same (or about the same) thickness to chord ratio of 15.2%.


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